- 1 kg osmalieh
- 1.5 kg ashta
- 2 cups of sweet suryp
- 25g of orange blossom
- 150g shortening

Preparation method:
Release the osmalieh pastry from one onether and divide it to two parts. spread the osmalieh pastry in a pan having a thickness of 1.5cm, press it well and add 75g shortening on the surface. then put it in the oven for about 20min until it becomes golden. Repeat the process for the other part of osmalieh pastry. Put the ashta on the first part of the osmalieh pastry then add some suryp on it.
after that add the second part of the osmalieh pastry on the ashta. Decorate the surface with some ashta and orange blossom. You can add more suryp while serving.

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