TONY’S FOOD® is above all a story of success built day by day with the strength of diligence and willingness, with a careful choice of raw materials, and the attention to the quality of finished products, keeping strict hygienic standards through all the process.

TONY’S FOOD® factory is located in a green and healthy area, a perfect location for manufacturing healthy products. The factory is divided to many sections and departments, each department specialized in one or more of TONY’S FOOD® products manufacture:

  • Rakakat department: Manufactures Rakakat dough using professional machines made exclusively for TONY’S FOOD® factory and constantly developed to reach higher quality production. This department contains also many sections producing Spring Rolls dough, Crepe pastry and Sambousek rolls pastry…
  • Pizza department: Manufactures Pizza dough in different sizes, shapes and thickness in order to satisfy our clients.
  • Moghrabieh department: Manufactures “Steamed Moghrabieh” and “Dried Moghrabieh”.
  • Osmalieh department: Specialized in the manufacturing of Osmalieh pastry and Kunafa dough.
  • Bread department: A new section, established recently. Its main objective is to produce healthy Lebanese bread, baked in the latest industrial machines were no human man touches it from the baking to the packaging process. “Diet Bread with NeOpuntia®” and “Family Bread” are the latest bread products inventions in this department.
  • Fast & Ready to Use department: Manufactures “ready to serve” products chosen from the well known Lebanese food and “Lebanese meza” (Sanbousek, fatayer, rakakat, Kebbeh…).

A wide range of hand made products accomplished with care and delicacy, one and the same as home made Lebanese gourmet. At the factory, we have worked constantly on researching, improving and innovating our line of products, bringing new machines made especially and exclusively for our factory, developing new packages for all the products (vacuum bags, 3 layers bags with zipper …) in order to preserve freshness. Our only goal is to achieve the highest quality for the end-customer.

We are able to manufacture customized request for caterers with specifications on demand of the weight, the size and the shape…

Just contact us and we will be ready to work with you wherever you are.

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Cherfan Est. Beirut, Rawda, St Elie Residence Keserwan, Bouar, Cherfan building, 3rd floor.

TeleFax:00961 1 683886

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E_mail: tonysfood@tonysfood.com 

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P.O.Box: 2203 jounieh, Lebanon

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